#5 Progress, Not Perfection with Nick Ng

Nick Ng describes himself as being of modest personality, resolving to make lives less iffy and more spiffy through accessible, functional and friendly web and digital design. Be sure to read this episode's transcript to get the full conversation. You'll be glad you did.

#4 Drunken UX with Michael Fienen and Aaron Hill

Michael Fienen and Aaron Hill are the hosts of the Drunken UX podcast, an "irreverent" show where they drink and talk about building and using things on the internet. This episode is a crossover episode.

#3 Social Justice in the Digital Age with Laura Kalbag

Laura Kalbag is the author of Accessibility for Everyone and actively works for social justice in the digital age. Here, Laura discusses the intersections between UX, accessibility, and human rights.

#2 A Better Web with Ben Callahan

Ben Callahan is the co-owner and president of Sparkbox, a web software studio with offices in Dayton and Pittsburgh. In this episode, Ben shares his philosophy around working together to "build right."

#1 What Even Is This?

A mic check, life advice, and a podcast sandwich. Special thanks to Ron Bronson and Jackie Vetrano.

Welcome to StrategyCar

Welcome to the StrategyCar podcast, the show that’s a road trip to a better web.