Part philosophy.Part network.All community.

Making something better.

StrategyCar was built to support a web that works for everyone, and is driven by the constant search for intersections that make things better—connections between ideas and people, concepts and customers, problems and solutions.

Since 2013, StrategyCar has connected digital professionals across the country for virtual strategy sessions. It’s been a vehicle for learning and sharing in real time, with a goal of making things work and be better.

The philosophy of StrategyCar as a community is the foundation for the way it works today.

The strength of StrategyCar is experience and discipline. But its core is the passion and drive to make something better—together.

For professionals across industries, StrategyCar provides a support network.

For clients of all sizes, StrategyCar delivers digital communication and marketing strategy designed to achieve business goals.

When you’re navigating the digital space, you never have to go it alone. Get where your ideas are going with StrategyCar.

Behind the wheel.

StrategyCar is powered by Alaina Wiens, a content strategist and digital strategy consultant with 15 years of experience in communications, marketing, and strategic planning for higher education, nonprofit, and corporate organizations.