Driving towarda world thatworks betterfor everyone.

The power of StrategyCar is found in the intersections, where seemingly disconnected ideas meet to make something new, where the work can always be greater than the sum of its parts.

During a fantastical 2013 road trip from Flint, MI to State College, PA, a few higher ed web professionals found themselves in a car with hours and hours to talk. And think. And ask. And learn.

From Tumblr to Twitter, social media to strategic planning, crisis communication to cooking, the discussion explored shared challenges, hopes, and dreams. It was all very lofty and important. On that summer day in 2013, #StrategyCar was born.

For nearly four years after that road trip, #StrategyCar was a weekly Twitter chat. The hour-long strategy sessions connected voices in web, content strategy, communication, and marketing.

Today, StrategyCar is a gathering place for people driven to make a positive impact. It’s a hub for online discussion, peer learning, and support. Most of all, StrategyCar is a community brought together by a common goal: to create a world that works for everyone.

About the Driver

I’m Alaina Wiens, a marketing director and strategy coach with 20 years of experience in branding, content strategy, and strategic planning. For nonprofit organizations, I develop and execute strategic plans and brand platforms. My work is at its best when I can connect people to the things they need. My goal is for StrategyCar to provide a community of connection that truly empowers people to make a positive difference.