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The StrategyCar Facebook Group is a space for professionals committed to making a better web. Developers, designers, marketers, communicators, and humans welcome.

Start a discussion on Twitter any time with the #StrategyCar hashtag. Think of it as an online strategy session with the smartest people around (that means you).

It started with a real-live road trip.

During a fantastical 2013 road trip from Flint, MI to State College, PA, a few higher ed web professionals found themselves in a car with hours and hours to talk. And think. And ask. And learn. On that summer day in 2013, #StrategyCar was born.

Since then, the StrategyCar community has encouraged online and in-person conversation, resource sharing, idea generation, and connection. The #StrategyCar belongs to us all. Together, we can make something better.

Drivers wanted.

The StrategyCar moves forward with the help of people like you. There are plenty of ways to get involved. Ready to make something better? You can lead a scheduled Twitter chat, share an idea in the Facebook group, or make a suggestion for a future podcast episode. Say hello, and let’s talk about what drives you.

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