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The #strategycar that could.

During a fantastical 2013 road trip from Flint, MI to State College, PA, a few higher ed web professionals found themselves in a car with hours and hours to talk. And think. And ask. And learn.

From Tumblr to Twitter, social media to strategic planning, crisis communication to cooking, the discussion explored shared challenges, hopes, and dreams. It was all very lofty and important. On that summer day in 2013, #strategycar was born.

For nearly four years, #strategycar was a weekly Twitter chat for the higher ed web community. The hour-long strategy sessions connected some of the smartest people in web, content strategy, communication, and marketing.

Today, the StrategyCar community supports online and in-person conversation, resource sharing, idea generation, and connection that supports progress toward a world made better by the web.

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