Delivery is the Strategy

When I asked Gray Brooks if he had any advice for me, he said, "Stick to what's tangible and real. We all have big ideas and it’s easy to spend a lot of effort to push for…

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Data for Digital Equity

Seattle's digital equity initiative "seeks to ensure all residents and neighborhoods have the information technology capacity needed for civic and cultural participation,…

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Net Neutrality is More Complicated Than You Think

How does equal access to the internet impact market competition, innovation, or censorship? Should a neutral internet be considered a basic right?

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On Bridging the Data Gap

I have to wonder: With such inconsistency between Flint’s income and poverty rates and the rest of the country, are the national statistics about internet access and device usage…

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A Community Model for Better Web

I’ll be honest with you. I’m not entirely sure where this is all going. One thing I do know: When all is said and done, I want the web to be a better place.

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