I’m Alaina Wiens, a marketing director and strategy coach with 20 years of experience in digital strategy, branding, and strategic planning. For higher education and nonprofit organizations, I develop and execute strategic plans and brand platforms. For the last eight years, I’ve also been the human behind StrategyCar.

In my work, I am driven to find the intersections that make things better. Connections between ideas and people, concepts and customers, problems and solutions. I believe that successfully navigating “what’s next” won’t require having all the answers, but instead the ability to ask the right questions—and seek the answers together.

Alaina Wiens on stage as Keynote Presenter at Collective Conference

Experience & Skillset

In my nearly 20 years of marketing and communications, I have built skills in the following areas.

  • Strategic planning
  • Brand strategy
  • Marketing and communications planning
  • Metrics development
  • Web and digital strategy

You can find a more comprehensive outline of my work history on LinkedIn, but my recent employment summary includes:

Presentations & Workshops

Sharing my work at conferences has connected me with amazing people and new ideas. I have delivered presentations and workshops on content strategy, strategic planning, project management, creativity in the workplace, and more. Following is an abridged summary of recent engagements.

HighEdWeb Annual Conference

  • Oct 2019 – From Strategic Plan to Content Strategy (Milwaukee, WI)
  • Oct 2018 – Managing Content Strategy Challenges in Decentralized Environments (Sacramento, CA)
  • Oct 2017 – From Strategic Plan to Content Strategy, workshop (Hartford, CT)
  • Oct 2017 – Content Strategy Clinic, panel (Hartford, CT)
  • Oct 2016 – From Business Strategy to Content Strategy, workshop (Memphis, TN)
  • Oct 2015 – The Web Culture Shift (Milwaukee, MI)

Collective: A Content Strategy Event

Jun 2016 – Translating Business Strategy to Content Strategy, keynote (Atlanta, GA)

Aggregate Conference

Sep 2014 – The Web Culture Shift (Louisville, KY)

Web Conference at Penn State

  • Jun 2014 – Many Hands and One Voice: Creating Harmony in Higher Ed (State College, PA)
  • Jun 2013 – 24 Hours in Photos: A Day in the Life of a “Day in the Life” (State College, PA)
  • Jun 2013 – Sharing the Sandbox: Marketing, IT, and the College Website (State College, PA)


We’re all more than our work history and past projects. Here are a few other things I’m focused on right now.

  • Relaunching the StrategyCar pairing project, to facilitate connections between professionals who can learn from each other
  • Toeing back into illustration for fun and not to create products
  • Thinking about what's next for industries where post-pandemic risk aversion may require creative marketing solutions (if you've come across any articles on this, please share!)
Photo of Alaina Wiens

Let's Connect

For speaking inquiries, idea sharing, or to start a conversation, find me online and say hello.